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Eco-Therapy Wellness and Leisure Park

We at St Ninians Wellness offer a pledge that our guests shall be surrounded by the natural beauty of Scotland and experience contemplation, rejuvenation, improved physical health and mental wellness. 

About Us

At St Ninians Wellness, we aim to use this economic regeneration to create local wealth, health and wellbeing for community and social vibrancy.

The Community

By co-operating with local authorities, health and social care services and our stakeholders, we are able to support the community through our sustainable development.

Our Goals

We aim to create sustainable, commercially viable, community benefitting, ethical developments by repurposing and rejuvenating redundant land and buildings and, to reinvest a proportion of profits into these community projects’

Our Values

People, Place and Planet are at the centre of St Ninians Wellness, empowering intergenerational communities to grow and thrive.

The Journey to St Ninians Wellness

The journey to the St Ninians Wellness EcoTherapy and Wellness Park began on the 15 September 2020 when Hargreaves Land alerted National Pride to the sale of the St Ninians site.  The enormous and exciting potential of what could be achieved on the site was immediately evident.


National Pride completed the acquisition of the site on 31 March 2021. A world class delivery team is assembled, like-minded professional consultants to create and deliver an exciting leisure and ecotourism destination in line with the current Local Development Plan of Fife Council and the ethos and ethics of National Pride. Investment is the key to the aspirations and desires of our vision and when Hill Holdings Ltd, our socially minded investor partner became aware of the St Ninians site and development plans, they too were inspired and determined to create a beautiful, positive, economically sustainable development to create immense social value and impact for local communities.


All who become aware of the St Ninians Eco Therapy and Leisure Park, what it will be and the benefit it will provide, are equally as inspired in making a difference in the lives of all in our society.

Come along on this exciting journey with us, we look forward to inviting you as a Guest as soon as we possibly can.

Giving back through Education

St Ninians Wellness will make a difference through education and volunteering. Volunteering helps build confidence, develops skills, teaches the ability to work as a team, enabling a person to be part of their community, teaches responsibility, and gives a person the chance to ‘make a difference’ using their talents.

At St Ninians Wellness, we will offer various ‘safe space’ volunteering roles for people of all ages and physical or mental abilities in a welcoming and accepting environment. The aim is to enable them to embrace life-changing challenges and learn responsibilities together with leadership training opportunities.

The key members of our team

Irene Bisset


Andy Whitlock


Nicola Connor

Lead Administrator

Neil Williams


Andy Hill


Amanda Miller


St Ninians Concept

Through a process of working with Fife Council and community groups, we are delivering the St Ninians Wellness concept for the benefit of the Fife community. It includes:

Some of the organisations that are helping make it happen.

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