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Dog Attacks on Wildlife at St Ninians Eco-Wellness and Leisure Park

A number of tragic incidents involving unleashed dogs have occurred at the proposed St Ninians Eco-Wellness and Leisure Park development site, resulting in the death of numerous wildlife species including young deer and adult swans.

Commenting on this, Irene Bisset, Chair of National Pride CIC and Director of National Pride (St Ninians) Ltd said:

“The attacks by unleashed dogs on our wildlife is heartbreaking, not only the effect it has on breeding pairs and the loss of their young, but also for our security staff and visitors who are having to witness such attacks and the resulting aftermath.

“When visiting St Ninians, we ask all dog owners to be aware of the temptation for their unleashed dogs, regardless of size or breed, to chase and attack wildlife. We therefore ask all owners to act responsibly and keep their dogs on a lead as a normally docile animal can quickly and unexpectedly become dangerously out of control in the presence of wildlife. Dog owners need to be aware of the potential pain and suffering their pet could inflict on wildlife, as well as being aware of the potential repercussions of a hefty fine or imprisonment and having the dog destroyed.  .

“Currently walkers enjoy the freedom to roam across the site and will come into contact with the resident wildlife. However, as we progress our project, certain areas will be fenced off for tree planting. soil remediation and also to protect wildlife during the breeding season. During these times we urge all visitors to keep to the designated paths which will be clearly marked.

“We are very excited about the enormous potential of this astonishing location, and as custodians we have invested considerable time and resources to maintain and upgrade the site to be a safe place for guests and our resident wildlife.”

The proposals to develop an environmentally sensitive mixed-use development at the site of the former St Ninians open cast mine, are being progressed by the developers, National Pride (St Ninians) Ltd since it took possession of the site in 2021, Should the proposals for an Eco-Wellness and Leisure Park be given the green light by Fife Council following the submission of a planning application, this will allow the delivery of a masterplan which will ensure a well-managed environment for visitors, while still giving full free access to the site.

A project website has been created at www.stninianswellness.com and will be updated over the course of the consultation period.

Irene Bisset further commented “Should we receive planning consent for out proposed Eco-Wellness and Leisure Park, this will allow us to deliver a more managed environment, delivering a safe, attractive and welcoming place for all.”

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