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Eco-Therapy Wellness and Leisure Park

St Ninians Wellness

One in a series of wellness centres designed to meet an ever-increasing need for places close to nature for mental health and well-being.
St Ninians Wellness subscribes to the evidential fact that healthy lifestyles promoting outdoor activities is a considerable benefit to the population of all ages.
The land that St Ninians Wellness is situated on presents itself as a beautiful natural place to establish an Eco Therapy Wellness and Leisure Park providing active health and mental relaxation with spa, exercise, craft activities and amenities.
Deep Water - Lassodie Wilderness
St Ninians Wellness Project 6
St Ninians Wellness Project 1

A Health and Wellness Destination

With a population that is increasingly aware of the importance of good mental-health and well-being, it's no surprise that leisure and tourism destinations that incorporate wellness influence and drive consumers. This pursuit of wellness and mental health has created a massive developing industry that has become known as the wellness economy, a sector St Ninians Wellness aims to make a name in.

St Ninians
St Ninians is located in East Central Scotland alongside one of the busiest motorways (M90 J4) which connects Edinburgh, Perth, Dundee, Aberdeen and beyond and is nestled to the North by the village of Kelty and to the South by the village of Kingseat, Dunfermline, Fife.
A Complete Picture of Well-Being

Whilst the discussion was once about health alone, the reality is that the discussion is actually wellness, which is the presence or pursuit of physical, emotional, social, environmental and spiritual well-being. The St Ninians Wellness site has its own micro-climate where St Ninian's Wellness will refocus the natural environment to create a leisure space at one with the existing eco-system.

An Ecotourism and Leisure Destination

Working with world-class partners, St Ninians Wellness is developed to fit alongside the current nature and woodland already at the site. With the emphasis on using the natural topography of the land and ‘blended’ architecture, the Wellness Centre and the nature that surrounds it will appear as one.

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