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St Ninians works uncover coal road

A road, that once formed a key coal carrying link has been uncovered by the owners during vital maintenance and repair works on the site of a proposed Eco-Therapy Wellness and Leisure Park at St Ninians, near Kelty in Fife.

Since the closure of the opencast mine, vegetation covered the 2.25 miles of the tarmac road, leaving little more than a pathway unrecognisable in comparison with its former use and size.

The road, across the site of the former opencast coal mine, was originally built in the 1970s to transport coal from the opencast at Crossgates (Hill of Beath) to the Westfield opencast site for stockpiling and onward distribution to various destinations by road and rail.   

Irene Bisset, Chair of National Pride, said of the ongoing activity:

“The uncovering of the former coal road has been amazing, particularly as what was revealed was in a very good condition having been protected from the weather by the years of accumulated vegetation. The now exposed road will us assist greatly by providing easier access across the site whilst further maintenance and repair works continue.

“During these necessary ongoing restoration works, heavy plant and machinery will be present and contractors will take every precaution to ensure the safety of visitors. Signage has been erected to urge the public to exercise caution and diversions away from the works will be in place.”

National Pride (St Ninians) Ltd will soon bring forward proposals to Fife Council for the development of the site with rapid progress being made with the architects in the overall proposed design strategy. Details of the proposed development will be made available to the public as soon as possible.

Notes to Editors

About St Ninians Wellness

St Ninians Wellness is being progressed by National Pride (St Ninians) Ltd.

The proposed Eco-Therapy Wellness and Leisure Park is located on the site of the former St Ninians opencast coal mine and Loch Fitty, near Kelty in Fife. It aims to be an ecologically friendly and environmentally sensitive health, wellness and leisure destination. 

Accessible and affordable for all, St Ninians will enable visitors to develop improved health and wellness in body and mind, whilst also being a premier venue for leisure, entertainment and tourism.

Constantly developing concept proposals for the net carbon zero plus development include accommodation units, a wellness spa complex on Loch Fitty, a technology park and areas set aside for guest entertainment. In addition to this, an extensive rewilding programme including native Scottish tree species is also proposed.

Awesome Works
Awesome Works

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